At Lake Dayz we really love the atmosphere of a group lesson. It’s a perfect chance to learn on and off the water. Bring your family and friends! It’s the perfect day for family vacations, a present, or party! We can accommodate groups of 3-8 riders for a full day (8am-5pm) or 2-6 riders for a half day (8am-12pm or 1-5pm) If you prefer to join a group let us know and we can put you into one of our open groupings!

A typical full day group lesson meets at the boat at 8 am for a quick introduction and hits the lake! We will all take a 1st session that lasts between 25 to 45 min/rider depending on the group size and then stop for lunch. We either pick up lunch at Lily’s on the lake or you are more than welcome to pack a lunch of your own. We have coolers with ice and waters on the boat and can leave anything refrigerated back on shore. We usually break for about an hour for lunch and get ready for the afternoon session. You can work on a new trick, perfect an oldie or go for a wake surf! No matter what you want to do we will help you have tons of fun on the water!

Our half day group package is a morning or afternoon session that doesn’t include the break for lunch!


A private lesson can really help take your riding to the next level! Our private lessons are charged at an hourly rate and can be done any time of day that you wish. Contact us to reserve your spot!

Add ride along instruction and ride side by side with the pro and gets tips and advice instantly. We usually ride along for the first half of the session. This is a great way to learn fast!

Or add ride along instruction, photo and video footage. The pro will coach along side you shooting GoPro video and photos. A great way to get instruction, critique your riding, and show off to your friends and family! You will get your best clips and photos emailed to you at the end of the day!


Group Lesson (full day) 8am-5pm, 3-8 riders $1200.00 or $400-$150/person

(half day) 8am-12pm, or 1pm-5pm, 2-6 riders $600.00 or $300-$100/person

Private Lesson

1 on 1 coaching session $200/hr

1 on 1 coaching + ride along instruction + videos and photos $320/hr