Parks Bonifay

Parks has been involved in water sports since he was just 6 months old. He took the pro tour by storm in 1994 at just 14 years old. He won his fist trip to the xgames and never looked back winning multiple Pro Tour titles, Masters and World Championships along the way. Parks was the first rider to land a 1080 and has landed more double flip variations then any other rider in history. Parks is one of the greatest wakeboarders of all time and also has a passion for sharing his knowledge and love of the water with everyone around him. His positive attitude and passion for water sports is contagious.

Danny Harf

Danny started wakeboarding at 10 years old. He won the Junior World Championships before going pro at age 16 and winning the rookie of the year award along with his first Pro Tour stop win. He went on to win 4 Xgames gold medals, multiple Masters and the Pro Tour Title. He was the first rider in history to land a 1260 and coproduced the award winning wakeboard film Defy. Danny is an innovator and a style master who loves to share his knowledge of the sport and help others have fun through the learning process.

Bob Sichel

Bob is a pro wakeboarder with a long history of coaching riders at every level. He is a talented rider known for his ability to excel at every aspect of wakeboarding, especially the cable, winch and boat. He has been an instructor and an owner of the Wakeboard Camp since 2007. Bob has coached every type of rider; from learning how to get up for the first time, to basic inverts and spins, and even double flips, he can help you learn it all!